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For a more Engaged Workforce 

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Well Rounded Collaboration Platform

Modern Intranet is one main component of transformation; Ngage Digital Work Place will enable your teams to be more engaged and up to date through its user-friendly tools.

Ngage provides collaboration features which allows employees to participate with blogs, create polls and surveys and stay updated on the latest announcements, status updates, using the News feature. Ngage also provides an emergency resource center for real-time updates during emergencies.



An Interesting Networking Perspective

Provide employees with open and dynamic communication across your organization via Yammer, where teams can collaborate in a fast and smart manner, build communities of interest, gather ideas and feedback, while keeping everyone informed, aligned, and moving forward.

Analytics from the Office admin center and insights in Yammer make it easy to understand activity and measure impact.




Automate what matters

Track employee productivity and tasks.

Project management
A new tool to assign your team, monitor the project and track updates

Document Management
Rest assured that you will never lose a file
24*7 access to relevant information

And much more



It is all about them! Your employees

Shortlist and filter applicants for certain skill sets, experience, and more using the Resume management tool. Ngage also stores employees’ medical history and information to be ready in case an emergency arises. Moreover, you can monitor your employees’ performance and evaluate them in a fully automated manner.




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